Hailing from a jazz background in and around Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, Steven Daley hit the scene in Charlotte in 1997.  He joined the regional funk band Chronic in 1998, played saxophones for them until 2002, and was featured on their hit CD, Modern Soul Food.  Steven continued playing either as a member of or sitting in with numerous variety bands through the mid 2000s, until landing his current gig with the premier Billy Joel tribute band, The Stranger and on those special occasions where they can team up with Elton John, Face 2 Face.  Steven plays saxophones, flute, keyboards, auxiliary percussion, harmonica, as well as providing backing vocals for the group.  Steven also plays with several other working jazz, rock, and variety bands in the Charlotte area, as well as solo and club shows.  While still maintaining his roots in jazz, Steven has developed a wide range of styles from R&B to Soul, Funk to Southern Rock.  Steven's newest endeavor is Somebody's Baby, a duo with the lovely and talented Ellie Morgan on vocals and guitar.  This act displays a wide, diverse variety of music ranging from the 70s until today.